918Kiss Update

The History of 918Kiss Update.

918Kiss is not the most established brand of mobile slot games in Malaysia, it is quite new. In fact, it has only about 10 years of operational history in Malaysia’s online casino industry. Some of you may be curious, what 918Kiss Update does not just launch in January 2018?

Let me answer your question. 918Kiss is actually the new brand for SCR888 after a brand change effort. The reason behind is not clear. It could be due to the continuous pressure imposed by the local authority, as it is so popular in Malaysia. SCR888 Malaysia made an official announcement about these rebranding efforts two weeks before the end of their old agent sites, as well as download links.

Today, SCR888 has been replaced by 918Kiss. SCR888 has become a legend in the past. In spite of that, many online casino players can not erase the SCR888 brand from their memory. It takes a while to adjust to the new brand.

We all hear about SCR888. Therefore, I think that now you also have an idea of ​​what is happening in 918Kiss Update. In 2018, there is something you really should know about this new mobile slot game. Something no one will ever tell you. Let’s take a look:

1. Higher payment winner than SCR888 in 2018
With a much smaller exposure in the local online gaming industry, the new brand needs at some point to achieve what SCR888 had achieved in the past. What is your movement if you were the owner of the game? According to inside information, 918Kiss has already adjusted its winning payment up since January 2018. Did not you realize that it seems a little easier to win than a few months ago?

Whether true or not, we believe that your winning payment will continue to increase in the coming months. Especially Chinese New Year. The CNY is just around the corner, and that is the time when people learn once a year. Some of the non-regular players will also bet during this period to celebrate the biggest Chinese festival of the year. We suspect that 918Kiss would probably establish its winning payment at the highest level during this period.

Why should I do it? You really need to strengthen your new brand. Given such high competition in the Malaysian online gambling market, it is necessary that they do so in order to compete against others. Believe it or not, it is some kind of psychological factors that have led SCR888 to its great success. They plan to do the same in 918 Kiss.

2. Improved graph of the slot game
Many have not realized that 918Kiss uses a much nicer slot graphic than the old SCR888. Most of us can say that it has changed its brand logo, the login page, the loading page and also a bit of the game lobby. What about the graphic slots game? Actually, there is a slight improvement in your graphic slots game.

The last time SCR888 used 900 × 450 slot machine slots to implement its mobile slots games, and this has been updated to 1800 × 900 in the new 918Kiss. You can not say? Actually, it’s a very detailed change that people will not usually notice. However, you are definitely enjoying a higher standard visual experience now.

3. Still Hack-able?
Another reason why SCR888 has become so popular is because of the paradox of whether it is possible to hack into its mobile slot games. It is still a mystery until today. But I have friends who successfully pirated the mobile slot games SCR888, attested by my own eyes. It seems that I am a supporter of this hackable theory.

From one of my reliable sources, they told me that there is a way to hack 918Kiss, although it is quite difficult. How? Some people are now R & D, a new electronic hacking device for this purpose. The chances of success are close to 99%. Unless there is a new update in the game’s security firewall, otherwise it would be very easy to hack 918Kiss. I will continue to write more about the new piracy device once it has been introduced to the market. Stay tuned!

918Kiss Update

4. Choose the best mobile slot games to play
As mentioned above, 918Kiss is expected to adjust its winning payment upward during the new months. Does it mean that we can win from any mobile slots game you have? DO NOT! You still have to choose the games wisely if you want to win big.

I have a list of easy-to-win mobile slot games from insiders. Definitely not the boss of 918 Kiss, but one of its developers of slot games. Guess what? I will not share with you the best winning slot games, but some of them:

Highway Kings
Great blue
King’s Derby (also known as Kuda in Malay)
Monkey Thunderbolt
I think this is enough for you. You only have to play the previous five games from time to time to increase your chances of winning. To be honest, there are more than 20 mobile slots games on my list. Due to a special reason, I can not reveal the entire list in public. I hope that the above will help you.

5. 918Kiss Android APK vs. 918Kiss iOS
Android APK and iOS, which one is better? I met a friend who intentionally bought a new iPhone to play SCR888 last year. He said it’s easier for you to earn money on the SCR888 iOS version. Since then, I’ve done a thorough investigation based on what he said. Surprisingly, there is a strong correlation between your winnings and the version you are using to bet.

It does not mean that it is always better to play the iOS 918 version. For everyone’s benefit, I also made a secret meeting with the creator of the 918 Kiss slot game. The bottom line is that Android’s APK version has a slightly higher chance of making money in 2018. However, this may vary due to other unexpected changes in the coming months.

In case you have no idea how to download the 918Kiss slots games, you can check our instructions on how to download 918Kiss Android and how to download 918Kiss iOS.

If that is true, it can really help a lot to help us win big. You should know that even a slight change of 0.01% in the probability of winning would mean a lot to the players. I really should pay more attention to the winning ratio in both the Android and iOS versions. There is no free lunch in the world. Learn more and EARN MORE!

918Kiss Update


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